NASHVILLE, TN. Truck-service/parts network WheelTime Network LLC launched its new LINQ nationwide customer-service platform that links systems, processes and services as well as its new Fleet Services program here at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meeting.

“Fleet Services is an integrated preventive-maintenance program that can be combined with the other WheelTime service processes to significantly reduce the cost of both planned and unplanned repairs,” stated Mike Delaney, president & CEO, at a news conference. According to Delaney, critical to the rollout of Fleet Services was the development and installation of WheelTime LINQ, which he called the network’s “game-changing customer service platform.”

LINQ is aimed at improving service of customer vehicles on several fronts. “For instance,” said Delaney, “it can identify when a vehicle needs preventive maintenance through on-board telematics. The system also has the capacity to download detailed vehicle data to the appropriate location, generate a work order and monitor the work to ensure it is completed on time and to customer generated requirements.”

With the same system in use at many service locations, LINQ feeds data from work performed anywhere into the same central database, noted Delaney. “On-site work and in-shop repairs across the network can be combined to create a vehicle’s complete maintenance record-- and detailed records provide advanced data for analysis and continuous improvement in cost control for the fleet.”

In addition, he pointed out that LINQ “controls costs up front by ensuring quotes and work conforms to pre-agreed time standards. This ensures quality, eliminates surprises and speeds up the administrative processes surrounding the repair. Quotes can become nearly instantaneous, lengthy approvals are cut to minutes, and disputes are eliminated.

“Since we are standardizing on a common set of systems and capabilities, we can easily link the quote process to a centralized billing and rate verification process-- on both parts and labor,” said Delaney. “That gives us an unmatched capability to manage customer costs before, during and after the repair.” 

WheelTime partnered with Decisiv to put in place WheelTime LINQ. Per WheelTime, the benefits offered by LINQ to fleet customers include:

·         Connecting all 200 WheelTime network locations to each other and to customers

·         Providing consistent quotes, consistent service and a consistent way of doing business

·         Allowing vehicle history to follow the vehicle wherever it goes

·         Assuring that invoices match quotes

·         Assuring that time-stamped, dated communications back up warranty claims and disputes

·         Providing labor times for the same jobs that don’t vary from one location to another

·         Assuring that each service location will do things “exactly the way that a customer wants, every time and everywhere”

“As the ultimate customer-service platform, WheelTime LINQ is unique because it focuses on managing the whole transaction, not just the repair,” emphasized Delaney. “It saves time at the front end by incorporating customer-designed elements into every quote or repair process. It saves time at the back end by eliminating disputes and reconciliations.  It saves time in the middle by accelerating communications and approvals.”

WheelTime also announced that it has adopted a newly released all-makes truck diagnostics software tool from Cojali USA as the “diagnostic tool of choice” for its network.  Spain-based Cojali Group developed its North American Jaltest tool package with product testing assistance from  WheelTime. In addition to using the diagnostics tool itself,  WheelTime will assist Cojali with sales and distribution of the diagnostics tool and has been selected by Cojali as its primary training partner in the U.S.

“What Cojali has produced is truly extraordinary,” Delaney said. “A tool like this has never existed in North America before. It will revolutionize the ability for independent shops to perform high-quality repairs on a broad range of equipment with confidence. In addition, shops will be able to buy the software and continuous upgrades for a fraction of the investment they would have to make buying all of the modules individually from OEs – if they could get them at all.”

According to Delaney, Cojali is a “totally different kind of diagnostic tool supplier than any we have here in North America. “The company grew up in Europe, where manufacturer networks are even tighter and vehicle suppliers use more proprietary components, making it especially difficult for independents.  Cojali creates completely self-developed tools, independent of equipment manufacturers or anyone else.”

According to WheelTime, it is North America’s largest dedicated service and parts network. The firm was established in 2004 as a strategic alliance among all of North America’s Detroit Diesel-Allison distributors. Over $11 million in systems and staffing resources have been invested voluntarily by the 18-member network “to create and manage systems and metrics that enhance repair quality, service consistency and customer satisfaction.” The network provides services through more than 200 service centers located in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

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