Clean Burn Energy Systems claims its waste oil-fired furnaces and boilers burn millions of gallons of used oil every year on-site, transforming it into free heat.

“Clean Burn used-oil furnaces and boilers turn a waste product into a valuable fuel source, thus conserving our natural energy supplies while reducing spillage risks,” said Michael Shirk, president & CEO of Clean Burn. “The multi-oil heating systems, storage tanks and recycling centers used by auto service centers, auto dealerships, truck fleet service centers, marinas and other facilities meet all EPA requirements and help avoid the possibility of used oils entering our water supplies.”

Shirk said that money is saved that otherwise would be spent on fuel oil, natural gas, propane or electricity. “This is a ‘win-win’ situation,” he said. “Companies are generating free heat by using Clean Burn energy systems while doing their part to protect the environment.”

Clean Burn products include large volume used-oil furnaces, designed for large auto or truck fleet service centers, which the company said provide high-volume heating capacity and can be used as unit heaters or central furnaces.