A new battery designed specifically for electric APUs (auxiliary power units) is being introduced by Trojan Battery Co. The OverDrive AGM 31 sealed absorbed glass mat battery is being marketed for idle-reduction technology in the heavy duty truck industry.

With the on-going implementation of anti-idling regulations across the U.S., Trojan said the need has never been greater for reliable, heavy-duty cycling batteries that provide steady power so electric APUs can heat, cool and power critical on-board instruments when the truck’s diesel engine is off. The company added that most truck fleets outfitted with an electric APU equipped with Trojan’s OverDrive AGM 31 battery should start to see a return on investment in as soon as 12-18 months of its initial use.

Trojan touted several additional benefits of the OverDrive AGM 31 design, including:

-Maintenance free convenience with no watering required plus increased safety with no acid spills

  • Recharge efficiency while driving
  • Superior vibration resistance over standard conventional lead acid batteries
  • Increased battery protection due to its durable polypropylene case
  • Easy lifting and installation into truck compartments with removable carrying handles
  • Overall safety with Trojan's flame arrestor pressure vent
  • 30-month warranty