Electrorides Inc., based in Laguna Niguel, CA, has announced that it hopes to have the first models of its ZeroTruck on the road in November. The ZeroTruck is an all-electric, Class 4 medium-duty, zero-emissions truck with a GVWR of 12,000-14,500 lbs. Designed with Boshart Engineering of Ontario, CA, the ZeroTruck is in durability testing until early this month, said Tedd Abramson, founder and CEO of Electrorides. Abramson said the company has received pre-orders for 150 vehicles, the majority to be delivered in 2009.

The ZeroTruck is a low-cab-forward design featuring an EIG Ltd. lithium polymer battery pack, fully automated transmission, regenerative braking, onboard charger, and a brushless permanent magnet electric motor from UQM Technologies,

The battery can power the vehicle for an 80- to 100-mi. range under full operation, the company said. The UQM PowerPhase motor produces 201 hp. through an electric propulsion system, producing peak torque of 479 lbs.-ft. and peak power of 150 kW.

Electrorides designed the truck to “offer medium-truck users the ability to control fuel costs,” Abramson explained. “By offering a quality integrated drive system to an existing chassis, we can offer reliability and efficiencies currently not available. This business tool will help fleets know what their fuel costs will be for the next seven to ten years. You can't do that with an internal combustion engine.”

For more information, go to www.electrorides.com.