To open up the lines of communication while providing fleet managers a more effective management program for service information, Decisiv has released ManagedCare for Fleets.

The new platform, which is built on the company’s Service Management Platform, is a web-based program that connects fleet managers with service managers and creates an electronic folder of all service information, the company said. The result is the ability to make faster, more informed decisions on service operations while maintaining a complete vehicle service history.

“With ManagedCare for Fleets, customers and service locations share information, effectively communicate and receive status alerts throughout a service event, all within a single web portal,” said Dick Hyatt, president of Decisiv. “The result is the ability to save hours per service event by eliminating phone calls, voice messages and lost faxes. The open, flexible nature of the Decisiv Service Management Platform provides solutions for fleets of all types and sizes, as well as truck and component manufacturers, dealers and service locations throughout North America.”

ManagedCare includes FleetBasic, FleetPlus and FleetPremium versions. The open platform integrates fully with both in-house and third-party fleet maintenance management systems and enables VMRS coded maintenance or repair operations, Decisiv said.

Features of the program:

* A fleet profile about your assets and your preferred way of managing service events. The profile is available everywhere your vehicle travels, even if it has never been to the service location before. Included are fleet defined operations/inspections, campaigns and PM schedules.

* A consolidated view of service events through the ManagedCare for Fleets dashboard provides a unique web page with a view into all service events.

* An electronic folder that contains vehicle details, estimates including any changes agreed to, pictures, documents, electronic conversations with the service location, results of inspections, and the complete history of the service event from request to final invoice.

* A request service function for electronically contacting and requesting service by selecting a vehicle by unit or serial number, entering its location and describing the problem. Service locations can then be selected by name, proximity to the truck or services offered. Once the optimal facility is found, a message is sent electronically to the dealer, along with immediate access to the fleet profile.