Cadec Global, which helped Poland Spring cut its fleet idling time by 45% through use of its technology, has been honored with a “Lean and Green” award presented by Business NH Magazine, which is a monthly publication covering business in New Hampshire.

The Lean and Green awards recognize businesses with environmental practices for sustainability and growth. Cadec’s award was the overall winner in the Green Products/Services category.

The company’s fleet management solutions help reduce fuel consumption and emissions, Cadec noted. Northwest Food Products Transportation, a subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, saved $500,000 in fuel costs in its first year of using a Cadec solution.

“We were impressed by the effect Cadec is making on its customers’ carbon footprint across the country,” said Matthew J. Mowry, editor of Business NH Magazine. “Cadec’s solutions are a great example of how companies can reduce waste and environmental impact.”