LeanLogistics has announced that its new GreenLanes transportation and freight optimization program can reduce empty miles to as little as 3 to 5% and so trim a fleet’s carbon footprint as well . What makes GreenLanes different from other programs, LeanLogistics said, is the proprietary algorithms within the On-Demand TMS along with dynamic supply and demand data from 32,000 plus users and 7,000 plus carriers.

By using parallelized rules-based modeling, fleet managers can find opportunities for round trips, continuous moves and fractional dedicated truckload movement to cut empty miles, said LeanLogistics. The company also said that benchmarking network-wide coverage, rates and performance help shippers obtain the best value from carriers while carriers run at optimum capacity.

“GreenLanes goes well beyond traditional freight consolidation,” said Dan Dershem, president & CEO. “We are able to identify, even predict, opportunities for lane and load optimization, making the best use of available assets, which in turn reduces carbon footprint. This is a sustainable program for shippers and carriers.”

GreenLanes is available to all LeanLogistics clients.