The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), in association with Zurich Services Corp. and Interactive Driving Systems, has developed an online air-brake training program to enhance commercial motor vehicle safety across North America. The program is called Virtual Risk Manager – Airbrakes.

“Drivers, inspectors and mechanics require reliable and readily available information to assist in developing proficiency and skills,” said Collin Mooney, CVSA director of enforcement programs. “When it comes to these systems, we need to increase awareness of the unique and special characteristics of air-brake systems.”

The online training program uses multimedia technology to help drivers, mechanics and safety enforcement officers understand how air-brake systems work. The program delivers virtual training based on recognized sources from industry experts, and contains the recommendations made in the February 2006 National Transportation Safety Board report on the adjustment of automatic slack adjusters.

For more information, visit Free access to the Airbrake Challenge is available to determine if your drivers, mechanics or enforcement officers would benefit from the program.