A software and workstation package can help logistics companies cut costs by as much as two-thirds in their order picking operations, FastPic Systems said.

The FastPic5 inventory management and control software combined with the KardexRemstar Flexi-Workstation can increase speed and accuracy in order picking.

The Flexi-Workstation can consist of up to eight horizontal carousels configured in an array and equipped with pick-to-light devices. Using the FastPic5 software, the array can be configured to meet changing workload requirements on a minute-to-minute basis. The Workstation can be configured to minimize the number of operators needed.

A wave of orders can be automatically downloaded to the Flexi-Workstation and the orders will be routed to the correct pod for picking. FastPic5 software manages the Flexi-Workstation using its own SQL database to store material information, or it can be used with a host WMS or ERP software system to provide advanced levels of inventory management and improved productivity.