Rockville, MD-based Transportation Costing Group (TCG) has announced several new capabilities are being added to its Truckload Cost Information System (TL/CIS®) and its Less-Than-Truckload Cost Information System (LTL/CISTM). The enhanced cost analysis and reporting features are designed to further meet the needs of motor carriers, including those with specialized and unique operations, the company stated.

A newly enhanced capability for TL/CIS is an accessorial revenue feature that identifies costs based on the load-specific revenues related to value-added services provided. Developed especially for motor carriers with sizable amounts of accessorial revenue income, this feature calculates the corresponding costs of specific extra services to enable more effective analyses and enhance rating capabilities.

Other enhancements to TL/CIS include a simplified drill-down process to make it easier for carriers to investigate reasons for specific loss or profitability issues. The new drill-down process simplifies a wide range of reports including Freight Profitability by customer, by driver, and by lane as well as operationally focused reports among others that can be viewed all the way down to the individual load. Additionally, a number of new sort criterion have been added to TL/CIS to enable carriers to create summary reports, as well as access a new reporting function by driver. New standard Year-To-Date reports have been added to the system as well.

TCG said its LTL/CIS solution for less-than-truckload carriers will also benefit from the new accessorial revenue feature, enabling new routines to calculate the costs of extra services. The simplified drill-down from report summaries of current freight to underlying individual freight records in the TL/CIS solution is also being enabled in LTL/CIS, further enhancing profitability analysis capabilities for these types of operations.

“The enhanced TL/CIS and LTL/CIS solutions are designed to provide motor carriers with new capabilities to gain all of the advantages of having accurate and effective profitability management tools at their disposal,” said Bill Shults, TCG executive vp. “Our clients continue to benefit from our ongoing effort to develop advanced,highly effective cost- and profitability-measurement tools that provide accurate, specific cost information for pricing, and traffic, profitability and operations/productivity analyses.”

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