The National Private Truck Council (NPTC) is teaming with J.J. Keller and Associates to present a free webcast entitled “Driver Performance Management: Case Studies in Excellence” from 1:00-2:30 Central time on Wednesday, October 31.

“Today, the private fleet professional faces no shortage of challenges such as fuel economy, congestion, safety and customer service,” said Gary Petty, president & CEO of NPTC. “The driver literally and figuratively holds the key to unlocking the solution and to converting these issues into a core competency for the fleet. The webcast will focus on proven management disciplines and the strategic use of technology to accomplish that objective.”

The session will be moderated by Petty and include presentations from Jim Carlins, manager of distribution systems for Praxair, Inc; Jim Angel, director of fleet operations, Atrium Companies; Tom Moore, executive director of the NPTC Institute and vp of public affairs for NPTC, and Tom Bray, editor-transport management, J.J. Keller. The program is intended to define solutions to performance issues and critical safety concerns, and discuss problems that have been encountered and what lessons have been learned from them.