The Safety Center from GreenRoad Technologies collects operational information from vehicle sensors, transmits it wirelessly to a central server, analyzes driver behavior and patterns, and then delivers feedback to the driver using dashboard lights and optional messaging. Field tests in a service fleet showed the resulting behavioral changes reduced driver crashes by 54% and lowered accident costs by an average of 65%, according to the company.

The in-vehicle sensor portion of the new system monitors 120 driver actions involving speed, braking, acceleration, lane handling and turning, sending the data in a continuous stream to GreenRoad’s web server. The data is analyzed using proprietary algorithms to quickly provide information about a driver’s safety performance. The driver then receives a red, amber or green light as feedback on their performance. Optional SMS or email messages can also be used to reinforce the Safety Center feedback.

Fleet managers can use a suite of web-based tools to view a variety of reports on driver safety activity, allowing them to monitor overall fleet safety performance and to identify high-risk drivers in need of specific training, according to the company.

During a six-month field test with a T-Mobile service fleet in Greta Britain, the fleet evolved from 69% red and 10% green drivers to 35% red and 38% green, the company pointed out, and the fleet saw fuel consumption drop 2.8%.

Founded in Israel in 2002, GreenRoad Technologies recently moved its headquarters to Redwood Shores, CA, and named Dan Steere CEO. As it ramps up the commercial release of Safety Center, it has also named former Xata and Cadec veteran Pete Allen as vp of North American Sales.

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