Looking to simplify truck security, Magtec Products Inc. and PeopleNet Communications say they will work together to integrate Magtec's M5K security system with PeopleNet's g3 onboard computing and mobile communications system. Integration will allow PeopleNet customers to access M5K security functions through the same web page interface they use to access PeopleNet's various location, business and vehicle monitoring capabilities.

Magtec's system is designed to help prevent truck theft, even when the driver leaves a truck running. The system requires drivers to enter a personal code on a numerical keypad in order to move an idling vehicle. M5K also enables managers to set idling time limits, which can be disabled for set periods of time to accommodate vehicle maintenance and repairs.

In a crisis situation, the system's acceleration control feature is designed to let managers to remotely take control of the truck's acceleration, reducing the truck's speed in moderate, preset increments so the truck can be brought to a safe stop virtually anywhere.

Authentication codes, idling times, disablement and other system parameters can be changed remotely over the air, without input from the driver. After integration, PeopleNet customers who use Magtec will be able to make those changes from their web-based PeopleNet screen on any Internet-connected computer.

According to Mark Ochitwa, vp operations & product development for Magtec, the integration work is currently under way and the new access will be announced before the end of the year.