J.B. Hunt Transport Services is integrating Maptuit's FleetNav route optimization suite with its own custom dispatch system. FleetNav will be used to provide drivers with directions, optimize fuel purchasing and measure fleet performance.

The Telemetry Information System (TIS) from Acculeon is a self-contained driver monitor that detects and records tailgating, frequent lane changes and other risky driving habits. Integrating an accelerometer, GPS receiver, on-board map database and gyroscope, the box can be fitted with a wireless link for the @Road network or a WiFi modem for local area network wireless data transfers. The system also features a wide variety of data analysis and reporting tools for fleet managers. www.acculeon.com

A new vehicle diagnostic module for Teletrac's FleetDirector tracking and management system captures vehicle operating data to produce a detailed performance report. The report includes miles logged, engine hours, total time in-motion, total idling time and fuel consumed. The module supports the SAE J1708 interface for Class 7 and 8 trucks, and will soon support OBD2 for lighter vehicles, according to Teletrac. www.teletrac.net

The Mobius TTS-onboard computer system from Cadec Corp. has added satellite communications to its wireless options. The unit also offers wireless data links over a variety of cellular networks as well as 802.11b support for local-area networks. www.cadec.com

A new management system for longhaul fleets combines Prophesy Transportation Solutions' DispatchSeries software with Nextel Communications' GPS-enabled handsets and wireless service. The new system can update routes, load status, shipment tracking and other driver and vehicle information in real-time.

A mobile version of the PC*Miler routing application is now available for Nextel Communications' GPS-enable digital cell phones. PC*Miler/Mobile from ALK Technologies provides drivers with spoken and visual turn-by-turn directions for commercial vehicles. It also provides fleets with a web-based driver tracking system.