The KKS automatic coupling system from Jost International allows drivers to electronically monitor and complete a trailer hookup or drop without leave the tractor cab.

The tractor portion of the system is based on a Jost JSK 42 fifth wheel fitted with three sensors and a pneumatic cylinder for remote actuation of the locking mechanism. The sensors automatically switch the system on when coupling, check coupler height and kingpin position, and provide lock status.

Trailers using the KKS system must also be fitted with a special wedge on the kingpin and a gear drive to automatically retract or deploy the landing gear.

An in-cab operator's module controls all hitching and unhitching actions, as well as displays system status.

The KKS automatic coupling system was introduced in Hanover, Germany, last fall at the International Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles. It made its first U.S. appearance at the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting in Tampa, FL, last month.
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