Maddocks Analytics adds a powerful business intelligence tool to the fleet management system TruckMate for Windows (TM4Win), allowing truckload and LTL carriers to quickly run analytical management reports in just seconds, according to developer Maddocks Systems Inc.

Drawing data directly from TM4Win, the new tool can be used to identify trends in fleet profitability and operational efficiency, providing graphs and other easy-to-understand reports based on management queries. Maddocks Analytics provides the ability to isolate information by region, state or customer, and can even determine the profitability of a single dispatched load, according to the developer.

Rather than feed data into predefined formats like simpler analytical software systems, the new BI tool allows users to identify and define analysis through real-time queries. It was developed specifically for the trucking industry by Maddocks in partnership with GHI Technologies, a supplier of BI and customer relationship management software. or circle 320 on reply card