The Racor Div. of Parker Hannifin Corp. has launched several new engine air filtration products for mobile and stationary equipment. The AFCS Series, a heavy-duty combination dynamic precleaner/filter, and the AFPP Series, a heavy-duty combination static precleaner/filter, are designed for under-hood on- and off-highway and industrial applications.

According to the company, replacing the existing air cleaner with a Racor combination system requires just a few additional inches of length. Combination systems come with an adjustable mounting band and require only one connection to the engine air intake.

The self-powered, self-cleaning precleaner, Racor notes, requires no electrical or exhaust gas power to dispose of separated contaminants. Airflow range for the AFCS Series is 53 to 741 cfm, and for the AFPP Series it is 53 to 212 cfm.

Also new from Racor is a standard heavy-duty engine air filter, AFSF Series, for on- and off-highway and stationary applications.

Three new series of heavy-duty air precleaners round out Racor's new product offerings. Available are the AFHP Series for on-highway applications, AFAP Series for off-highway and industrial applications, and AFUP Series under-hood model for on- and off-highway applications.

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