Sterling Truck Corp. is rolling out a Class 3 version of its low cab forward (LCF) Sterling 360 truck. The OEM also announced a number of product enhancements for all its 2008 model year Sterling 360 trucks. The Class 3 joins the existing Class 4 and 5 versions that debuted early last year.

The new Class 3 Sterling 360 has a GVW rating of 12,500 lb. Along with the heavier models, it features a new diesel particulate filter (DPF) that's been tested and used in the Japanese market for several years, ensuring its reliability, said Matthew Stevenson, Sterling's director of light commercial vehicles.

The DPF's compact design allows for fewer disturbances during body installation and also safeguards the Sterling 360's ground clearance, said Stevenson. He stated the engine changes also resulted in increased power, upgrading the engine from 175 to 185 hp. Also, due to the improved cooling system and a change in frame height, the chassis is now two inches lower, making it easier for operators to load and unload the vehicle.

The Class 3 model features the OBD-II on-board diagnostics system, which Stevenson called a “new standard for light vehicles.” He said OBD-II provides a universal inspection and diagnosis method to be sure the vehicle is performing correctly and to EPA emissions standards. This feature will also be available on 2008 Class 4 and 5 Sterling 360 trucks.

In addition to such standard features as air conditioning and automatic transmission, all Sterling 360 models now come with cruise control. The improved electronic engine management system allows the operator to not only use the cruise control to set engine speed, but also to limit top speed and accelerate the engine during stationary power take-off applications, said Stevenson.

The Sterling 360's list of options has also been expanded with the addition of a 189-in. wheelbase on the Class 5 model, as well as a keyless entry system available on all models.