The Caterpillar Inc. Engine Div. says its new 3126B “Clean Diesel Power” engine will provide a substantial reduction in emissions. According to marketing manager David Semlow, as of March 1, the 3126B will reduce NOx plus NMHC emissions by 13% over typical engines. And starting July 1, those emissions will be further cut by up to 22% over other engines.

“To put these percentages in perspective,” says Semlow, “this engine will produce almost a third of a ton less NOx plus NMHC annually vs. a comparable 3126B engine today.” He said a full range of ratings will be offered, running from 175 to 330 hp. Three of the ratings (207, 216 and 230 hp.) will be certified to meet the stricter low emissions vehicle (LEV) standards required in nonattainment areas.

Semlow noted the 3126B engine will operate on conventional diesel blends as well as on “ultra clean” and low-sulfur fuels.

Cat has also introduced a rear-mount PTO for 3126B engines. According to Semlow, the unit eliminates the frame extensions required for front PTOs, allowing for a longer wheelbase chassis and thus more room for payload.

The engine maker has also extended its Truck Owner Protection Plan (TOPP) to the owners of used trucks powered by heavy-duty Cat engines. The program covers 3406E, C-16, C-15, C-12 and C-10 engines and is available in 12-month/100,000-mile increments. Enrollment options allow extending coverage up to 650,000 miles. The plan covers 100% of parts and labor charges for all failures or wear-out on Cat engine parts.

A new video training series offers instruction on driving techniques and management procedures that can help truck owners get better fuel economy. The series consists of three programs sold separately. The programs will be available through Cat dealers early this year or they can be ordered online at

Cat also announced that it has received two awards from J.D. Power & Associates: highest customer satisfaction for heavy-duty over the road engine and for heavy-duty vocational engine. According to Semlow, among the total sample of 781 Cat customers, 36% said they were “completely satisfied” with their engine and 57% said they “definitely would” recommend Cat engines.
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