Dana Corp.'s Commercial Vehicle Systems Div. introduced a new family of single-speed, single-drive axles last month featuring increased approval ratings for high-horsepower engines, lighter weight, broader ratios and application coverage, and advanced gear technology.

The Dana Spicer S190 Series axles, for linehaul, city delivery, LTL, refuse, fire/rescue and dump, mixer and other vocational/construction applications, will available in straight truck or tractor-trailer configurations. Production is slated for November.

The S190 Series was designed especially for vehicles outfitted with future drivetrain ratings of up to 2,450 lb.-ft. of torque and up to 700 hp.

According to Dana, axles in the S190 Series have an extra wide face width with 470-mm primary hypoid gearing for quieter operation, greater strength, and increased durability. The S23-190 model is available in ratios ranging from 2.69 to 7.83, for maximum flexibility in spec'ing options; ratios for the S26-190 and S30-190 units range from 3.42 to 7.83.

Optional upgrades include a driver-controlled, full locking-wheel differential; Dana Spicer LM hub systems; Dana Spicer Unitized Hub Systems; axle mounted electro-magnetic retarder; Spicer Life SPL or Series-10 yokes.

The S190 Series axles have a GCWR of up to 125,000 lb. Gross axle weight ratings for individual axles are: S23, 23,000 lb.; S26, 26,000 lb.; S30, 30,000 lb.

The new axles qualify for a 250,000-mi. initial lube drain interval when used in linehaul service with the following: factory-filled extended life lubricant approved by Dana' Dana's U-Tube axle breather; and LMS hubs, UHS hubs, or Outrunner wheel seals.

Standard warranty is up 5-yr./750,000-mi. for approved linehaul applications, assuming Dana-approved factory-filled, synthetic lube is used.

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