Horton Vehicle Components Inc. is offering a 5-yr./500,000-mi. warranty on certain of its fan-clutch systems. The warranty applies to new over-the-road trucks spec'd with a Horton Advantage fan clutch and approved controls when OEM-installed in a Horton-authorized configuration.

According to Horton, validating the "maintenance-free" warranty requires no fan-clutch inspections or any specific maintenance procedures. The manufacturer noted that fan clutches not specified with an approved system will continue to be covered by its existing 3-yr./324,902-mi. warranty, which also applies to Advantage clutches that are retrofitted.

Horton also pulled the curtain back for a sneak peek at its ACS (Adaptive Control System), a new approach to cooling-system control now under development. According to the manufacturer, ACS is intended to provide cooling as needed and has the potential to reduce vehicle weight and maintenance costs, as well as to cut down on noise inside the cab and sleeper.

The ACS concept, Horton stated, combines electronic and variable-pitch blade actuation with advanced technology that allows the system to remain "in balance."

Field-testing of ACS begins this summer. However, Horton cautioned that the system at this point is "a technology concept with a trademarked name."

Teletrac adds eighth market, San Francisco to follow Fleet Director, the wireless messaging and vehicle-location service from Teletrac Inc., is now available in Orlando, the eighth metropolitan area in the company's network. According to the company, aggressive expansion plans called for additional service areas to go into commercial operations in San Francisco by the end of May, followed by San Diego in June. Six other cities, including the Northeast corridor from Washington, D.C., to Boston, will follow, according to an announcement made at ITS.

A spokesman said that Teletrac is also testing a GPS satellite location option. Current service relies on land-based radio for both messaging and vehicle location. While that technology is more efficient than GPS in urban locations, the satellite technology would extend the company's tracking capabilities in outlying areas and open Fleet Director service to new fleet applications.

Accuride-Kaiser build Silverbacks AKW, a new joint-venture company launched this spring by Accuride Corp. and Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp., is manufacturing aluminum wheels for commercial vehicles.

According to AKW, its Silverback wheels are as much as 8.6 lb. lighter than other aluminum wheels -- and provide from 89-96% more ventilation area than typical aluminum wheels.

The manufacturer also states that the new wheels offer "better balance and precision wheel machining," which should result in reduced tire wear. Hub-mounted Silverback wheels are offered in 22.5, 24.5, and 29.5 sizes. Stud-mounted versions come in 22.5 and 24.5 sizes. All Silverbacks are backed with a 5-yr. limited warranty. Akron-based AKW operates as a separate company from its parent firms.