International Truck & Engine Corp. has introduced a 6.0-liter version of its Power Stroke diesel engine, which will be available on all Ford Super Duty pickups and SUVs in mid-2003.

The new engine produces 325 hp. and 550 lb.-ft. of torque when combined with Ford's new 5-speed Torq Shift automatic transmission. International said the engine also provides 10% better fuel economy and 20% lower exhaust emissions, plus far lower noise output, than its bigger brother, the 7.3-liter Power Stroke.

The 6.0-liter Power Stroke is a V-8 direct-injection 32-valve diesel engine, built around a newly designed cast-iron block and new cylinder heads. It features a new EVRT turbocharger designed to improve acceleration, grade climbing capability, high altitude performance, and towing power over a wider range of engine speeds. In essence, the EVRT acts as a small turbo for faster response at low speeds, and like a larger turbo when more airflow is needed at full engine power, according to International.

The 6.0-liter Power Stroke is equipped with a cooled-EGR system for emissions control, reducing NOx emissions to comply with more stringent EPA rules that go into effect October 1.

The 6.0-liter Power Stroke also contains a second-generation G2 electro-hydraulic low-pressure common rail fuel system. This fuel injection system uses precise digital controls that mix fuel and air in the combustion chamber more completely, simultaneously reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Finally, the oil filter on the 6.0-liter is located at the top of the engine so it can be changed more easily.

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