Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT) recently tested its new Cleaner Burning Biodiesel (CBB) fuel blend and found it reduced particulate matter (PM) by 23% and cut oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by 5%, yet suffered no loss in fuel economy when compared to regular on-highway diesel fuel.

James Valentine, CDTs president, said CBB is blend of No. 1 diesel fuel, biodiesel (20%), and the company's Platinum Plus fuel-borne catalyst (FBC). “This blend actually beat a commercial ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) in reducing PM, NOx and carbon monoxide (CO) and was close to the performance of ULSD in reducing hydrocarbon emissions,” he added.

Valentine noted the additive package developed by CDT improved the fuel's cold flow properties and maintained fuel economy. “Our blended fuel with the additive package allows us to reduce emissions without a fuel penalty,” he said. “The cold flow is not as good as No. 1 diesel alone, but it's better with the additive package. And while a 5% reduction in NOx isn't huge by itself, if a fleet gets that by fueling each of its vehicles with our product, that adds up to serious emission reductions.”