Truck-Lite has redesigned its 4-in. Super 44 stop/ turn/tail lamp to produce a brighter illumination pattern while using only 17 light emitting diodes (LEDs), allowing the company to reduce the cost of these units.

The new lamp achieves a brighter light by using 17 concentric circles with precise optic rings molded into the lens directly in front of each diode. These rings disperse the LED light beams into larger, more robust illumination patterns without using more LEDs.

Also, by eliminating a large number of diodes per lamp, the new Super 44 draws less current - requiring only 0.3 amps versus the 0.7 amps needed to power the previous model. This means more power is available for other vehicle functions.

Truck-Lite also reduced the thickness of the Super 44 lamp by half an inch, so it can fit more mounting applications, especially where depth is at a premium. The Super 44 lamp continues to meet all FMVSS 108 requirements and is SAE approved for all stop/turn/ tail lamp functions.

According to National Seating, its new 2000 Series of driver's seats boasts a more comfortable design, are adjustable to a large population of driversizes, and can be customized to various optional levels.The seats feature a ne wly designed back frame with a "more ergonomically sound shape" to it. The design also includes contoured back foam as well as a higher back frame to make the integrated headrest more functional. And a new lumbar suspension unit improves overall comfort.

In addition, the controls for the air valves have been logically grouped and separated for positive identification by feel and ease of operation. The seats also feature a suspension base designed specifically to give the driver more stability.

PTO installation flexibility has been enhanced by the introduction of a 24-position rotatable pump flange by the Chelsea Auxiliary Power Group of Dana's Drivetrain Service Div. The new flange is available as an option on Chelsea's 442, 447, and 489 series PTOs and 230, 231, 270, 271, and 2777 series power shift unit.