The new InSight line of satellite-based trailer tracking products from SkyBitz allows fleets to monitor location, security and cargo status using the company's global location systems (GSL) technology and three new sensors. The new line also features a redesigned Web-based interface for its tracking and security applications.

The core product in the new line, InSight Tracking provides trailer location and status with basic scheduled reporting. It also allows individual trailers to be polled for current positions and can be set in a panic mode for 3-minute updates as long as necessary.

The basic SkyBitz transceiver is a single, sealed unit that is battery-powered and does not need to be recharged with a hook up to tractor power.

InSight Security adds a door sensor and tractor tether sensor. It can alert fleet managers to unauthorized door tampering or tractor hook ups via email, pager, PDA or cellphone.

InSight Cargo determines trailer load status to help fleets improve utilization rates. It can also be paired with a door sensor to monitor door activity.

New features for Customer InSight, a redesigned Web application for managing InSight equipped trailers, let fleets lookup the street address of a trailer location, as well as monitor how long trailers have been idle. or circle 325.