Hendrickson International has introduced a new suspension system for on- and off-road vocational truck applications called Primaax.

Primaax is an air suspension combined with a new geometric design to reduce suspension-induced driveline vibration — a situation that occurs in heavy-haul trucks spec'd with high torque engines for greater pulling power. Hendrickson says it field-tested the Primaax suspension on trucks with engine torque as high as 2,200 lb.-ft. It found that the new Primaax design either eliminated or reduced frame rise during peak driveline torque,helping maintain pinion angles in the truck's axles.

Hendrickson notes that its Primaax suspension features heavy-duty forged support beams, outboard mounted torque rods, and engineered crossbeams to provide twice the amount of roll stiffness found in typical truck suspension packages.

That roll stiffness provides greater stability in vocational trucks with high centers of gravity, such as found in dump, refuse, redi-mix concrete, and logging applications. www.hendrickson-intl.com or circle 299