All Carrier Transicold X2 series trailer refrigeration units have just become quieter now that the V-Force fan with Stealth 2 option is standard equipment. The V-Force is seven decibels quieter than traditional condenser fans, Carrier says, and includes vortex-suppression tips that virtually eliminate recirculating air that leads to inefficiency and noise.

The fan delivers 8% more airflow to the radiator and condenser than a traditional condenser fan for system cooling, particularly in high-ambient operations, the company says. The Stealth 2 noise abatement option offers additional sound reduction using a tuned intake system to help customers who deliver in noise-sensitive areas. “The tuned intake system targets low-frequency rumbling noises that travel longer distances,” explains Dave Kiefer, product manager, Trailer Products. “These are wavelengths that cause concerns with neighbors in residential areas near distribution centers or when drivers make urban deliveries.”

The tuned intake system uses a high-capacity, noise-suppressing air cleaner and a Helmholtz resonator, an acoustically engineered chamber that captures and dissipates sound waves before they propagate away from the refrigeration unit. The system achieves a 30-decibel sound reduction for certain frequencies.