Redesigned liftgate

A redesigned version of its MDR medium-duty rail type liftgate is available from Waltco Truck Equipment Co. The company says the new liftgate boasts features, such as factory-installed hydraulics, that make it easier to install, operate and maintain.

Maintenance is reduced by a platform that features new-style deck pins and self-lubricating composite bearings that eliminate the need for routine lubrication.

The liftgate is easier to operate thanks to an adjustable torsion bar and a platform lock that has been designed out of the liftgate, so there's no need to manually release the lock to close the platform.

To cut installation time, the box containing the hydraulic pump is now installed at the factory. In addition, the shipping feet and lifting tube are now bolted, instead of welded, onto the frame so these parts do not have to be ground off and the rough surfaces repainted.

The MDR is available in lifting capacities of 1,200 or 1,600 lb. and with a variety of platform and ramp sizes.
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