Rand McNally has added several new features to its TruckPC mobile communication platform.

Introduced in October last year, Skokie, IL-based Rand McNally's TruckPC combines an electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) with navigation, workflow systems, in-cab video training, and two-way communication capability all into one device. It was developed in partnership with Salt Lake City-based DriverTech.

The latest upgrade is a digital onboard scanner that can be attached to the TruckPC device so drivers can immediately transmit bills of lading, fuel receipts, and other paperwork back to operations right from the cab of their truck, explained Amy Krause, Rand McNally's director of communications. The “functionality is adding 40 minutes back into a driver's day,” she said.

Proprietary truck-specific routing, points of interest, road construction, turn-by-turn directions, and mileage calculation capabilities are now fully integrated into TruckPC as well, Krause added. For a one-time fee, the device can also be fed real-time traffic updates from around the country to further enhance routing selection.

TruckPC features enhanced alerts for drivers such as sharp curves, steep hills, speed limit changes, state boundaries, and road construction.