Transmission Technologies Corp. (TTC) announced changes and upgrades to its AMT-7 automated manual transmission at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show and offered previews of a new technology under development for a range of applications.

Based on feedback from several fleets, the company modified its AMT-7 medium-duty transmission to launch the vehicle when the brake pedal is released. "This provides a very smooth and controlled creep," noted Duane Rogers, AMT-7 project manager.

Basic system software has also been upgraded to make the transmission more tolerant of bad driving habits, such as brake stabbing and throttle pumping. The Launch Assist feature, designed to prevent the vehicle from rolling once it has reached a stop, has also been improved to work more smoothly.

Development of the next generation of TTC transmission technology is also under way. Called IVT, for Infinitely Variable Transmission, the new technology will combine the best features of manual, automatic, and CVT transmissions. The IVT series, targeted for model-year 2004-05 introduction, is designed to provide shift-free, clutch-free driving without a torque converter.

According to TTC, this feature will make the new transmission much more efficient because of its ability to control engine operations in a very narrow range.

To support TTC customers, the company also announced an expansion of its field service team and customer hot line availability. The toll-free service (800-401-9866) is now staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.