The Canadian government should make strategic investments in key highway and border crossing infrastructure to kick-start its economy, said David Bradley, CEO of the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

CTA has posted a list of projects it feels the government should undertake to boost the economy. These include highway improvements, bridge upgrades and safety improvements across Canada.

“No one knows the roads of our country quite the way the trucking industry does,” said Bradley. “In order to help government make key decisions about new or accelerated investments, we have consulted with the provincial trucking associations and motor carriers from across the country to identify the priority projects in all regions of the country that will help stimulate the economy and improve the flow of goods across this country.

“These projects will not only provide immediate economic stimulus through the creation of construction jobs, they will provide long term economic benefits by enhancing our ability to move goods safely, economically, and efficiently,” Bradley added. ““By developing this list, we want to offer government a starting point for some of the tough decisions they have to make in this area.”