Brigestone/Firestone North America Tire


DESIGNER: Dye, Van Moi & Lawrence, Nashville, TN

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Epic Media Group, El Segundo, CA

MARKING MATERIALS: Flexible vinyl and the KWIK ZIP System

Creative wheels were turning hard to roll out these gorgeous graphics. Inspired by the color scheme used in the Bridgestone/Firestone logo, the graphics play up on a grand scale the images of tires on the go in a variety of applications.

The all-black painted tractors and trailers provide a striking background from which the graphics seem to “pop out.” And the logo overlay gives one the feeling of motion, even when the vehicles are stationary.

Bridgestone/Firestone's general manager-private fleet, Ron Tartt, says, “The new design shows our commitment to our customers as these trailers go weekly to our stores and dealers. Drivers are proud to represent us with such a great looking rig. It's also great for re-sale on our equipment.”

The new design was adopted in 2003. To date, the graphics have been applied to 250 trailers in the company's fleet. Bridgestone/Firestone chose to go with Epic Media Group's KWIK ZIP system, which consists of a frame and flexible vinyl graphics that can be installed on a trailer in as little as 20 to 30 minutes per side, according to Epic Media.

The use of a frame on which to apply vinyl creates a more aesthetically pleasing look, compared to applying vinyl directly over a trailer's rivets, corrugations, ribs, dings and dents. Another advantage to the graphics is that they can be changed in only 10-15 minutes if Bridgestone/Firestone decides it wants to the message.



DESIGNER: In-house, Bernie Vangrin

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Mountain Products L.P., Hurst, TX

MARKING MATERIALS: 3M non-reflective

This one grabs 'em coming and going, and flying over, too. The trailer of this one-of-a-kind rig sports side, rear and even roof graphics — all designed to draw in motorists and passersby to learn more about Delo brand lubricants inside this rolling exhibit. And when the tractor-trailer parks at ChevronTexaco locations, the company notes, it also helps make employees “proud to be part of the Chevron Delo family and to have a first-class brand ambassador.”

The private fleet's manager, Gary Parsons, says the “larger-than-life, eye-catching Delo graphics maintain high visibility and provide safety on the road by making other drivers aware of the truck.” We can see that. And traffic 'copter pilots will know too, as the top of the trailer, which is white, is emblazoned with a very large, full-color Chevron “chevron” logo and the Delo trade name in black letters. Wherever it travels in the U.S., Canada or Mexico, this is a hard-to-miss truck.

The truck is washed once a week and Parsons expects its paint job to last four to five years and its special markings five years. The graphic treatment was fabricated from a vinyl material guaranteed against fading and peeling for five years.

“The use of the vinyl material has reduced the maintenance costs and it's much easier to keep the truck clean between events,” says Parsons. “If there's any damage, the graphics can be reprinted and repaired in sections, rather than having to refurbish the entire truck. This reduces cost and allows the truck to return to service quickly.”

Fuel South Express


DESIGNER: Signature Graphics, Porter, IN

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Signature Graphics, Porter, IN


Sometimes the simplest of designs is the most effective. These straightforward graphics, for example, look as sleek as the aluminum tanker trucks carrying them. The new design, adopted in January this year, has been applied to seven tankers so far. When the project's completed, a total of 23 units will feature the new look.

Eric Gardner, general manager, says: “Our goal was to provide drivers with equipment that they would be proud to operate. Staffing our driver positions is easier when safety and appearance are both key points in our company's objectives.”

Fuel South is a subsidiary of the Jones Co., which owns Flash Foods, a chain of 162 convenience stores in Georgia and Florida. The new graphics were designed to promote the company's name and image to convenience store customers and the public. “Our goal at Fuel South Express,” says Gardner, “is to assist in portraying the stores as being well-stocked, organized and competitively priced places to shop. The images on the truck are crisp and upscale, with bold 3-D graphics.”

Meijer Inc.


DESIGNER: In-house, Rob Lang



It's impossible to miss the attention-grabbing red of the new graphics on the Meijer tractor-trailers. The bigger-than-life photos on the trailer provide an enticing sample of the kinds of products this superstore has to offer — from cosmetics and home appliances to groceries and clothing.

The company's bright white logo, with its yellow and orange accent colors, is an eye-catching contrast to the rich red background. The prominent placement of the Meijer name in a number of locationshelps solidify brand identification.

The tagline across the bottom center of the trailer (”one stop shopping. Non-stop savings!”) reinforces the message in the pictures. Meijer is a store where you can stock up on almost anything you need, at prices that are easy on your wallet.

This bold new graphic, developed last year to promote customer perception of Meijer as a high-standards supercenter store, can be found on 51 of the fleet's 950 trailers. The high standards set for what's inside the stores also apply to the trucks carrying those goods: they're washed every week and re-painted every 10 years.

Oberweis Dairy


DESIGNER: Dan Rosier & Signature Graphics, Porter, IN

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Signature Graphics, Porter, IN

MARKING MATERIALS: 3M reflective and non-reflective

Everyone loves to see the ice cream truck coming down the street, and it would be impossible to miss Oberweis Dairy's “Road Show Truck” as it rolls into parties and special events.

You could call the basic design approach “more is more” as every surface on the step van is covered with happy red type and bright pictures of Oberweis' signature ice cream and the cow that supplied the raw materials. The driver's area is a bucolic scene of pastureland for the totemic cow, while the section with the window for serving up the sundaes and cones echoes the company's retail store with a faux awning graphic across the top edge of the van.

Overall, says Oberweis, the new van designs have become an integral part of the dairy's successful new marketing program, building brand image and awareness as they moo-ve on down the road.

Menasha Transport


DESIGNER: Ric Hartman, Hartman Design

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Excel Graphics, Whitestown, IN


It's the rainbow of dazzling colors that first catches your eye when you spot a Menasha truck on the road. The vivid color combination wraps around the bottom section of the trailer; truly a sight for sore eyes.

Once they get your attention, you notice the company name and logo. The white letters pop out of the tractor-trailer's clean black background, and the company tagline provides just enough information to pique your interest: “Innovative packaging by design.” They've also been smart enough to splash it on the vehicle's front, back and sides, so the Menasha name makes an impression whether the trucks are coming, going, or standing still.

As director of operations Debra Martin puts it: “Our ‘rolling billboards’ are viewed as one of our most…valuable brand communication assets. Although the general public may not know who we are or what we make, they'll easily be able to identify Menasha by our trucks.”

We couldn't agree more.

Blue Ribbon Meats


DESIGNER: Certified Angus Beef LLC, Wooster, OH

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Signature Graphics, Porter, IN


Doesn't just looking at these graphics make you hungry? The mouth-watering message combined with the sharp graphic images (not to mention the subtle waterfall as a backdrop) do their job of building brand awareness for Certified Angus Beef, while getting your taste buds working.

Six straight trucks have been wrapped with the new graphics. “Our trucks now stand out on the road, presenting a premium image for a meat company,” says Mike Radis, CAB specialist. “Our drivers now have more pride in their trucks and feel more professional.”

Blue Ribbon Meats is one of 108 Certified Angus Beef licensed foodservice distributors in the U.S. Founded in 1948, it services the hotel and restaurant industry in the greater Cleveland area. Certified Angus Beef LLC functions as a not-for-profit division of the American Angus Assn. and is comprised of more than 28,000 Angus breeders.

G.S.N. Trucking


DESIGNER: James Berard, Quality King Distributors, Deer Park, NY (In-house)


MARKING MATERIALS: Flexible Vinyl and the KWIK ZIP System

Sometimes it's as simple as pointing out the obvious. That's why when employees at GSN Trucking suggested that their parent company, Quality King Distributors (QKD), do some truck-side advertising, QKD jumped at the chance.

Before the current program was put in place, the company's fleet was bereft of graphics — other than the GSN Trucking name on the cabs. All that changed when the GSN group convinced QKD that the trucks were the perfect place to promote its fragrance brands.

According to Stacy Morgan, director of transportation, the designs were adapted from existing brand graphics, reinforcing product identification. In addition to the Royal Copenhagen pictured here, GSN also carries advertising for Michael Jordan and Bijan colognes. Advertising for the three products is divided among the fleet's 156 trailers.

The Royal Copenhagen trailer warrants special attention because the image of blue cologne splashing backward out of the bottle creates a sense of fragrance wafting through the air along the highway. And the blue and white theme of the packaging is carried through to the tractor-trailer.

Morgan points out that since the graphics feature QKD products that are fashion-driven, it's important that they're easy to change-in other words, with minimal expense and downtime. She says the KWIK ZIP panels fit the bill. Another plus is that the heavy vinyl help protect the trailer surface, contributing to overall fleet aesthetics.

Apple & Eve


DESIGNER: Signature Graphics, Porter, IN

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Signature Graphics, Porter, IN

MARKING MATERIALS: 3M non-reflective

As naked as the day Adam & Eve were created, the fruit that goes into Apple & Eve juices creates a heavenly picture on the sides and rear of its distribution vans. Front and center under the company's logo is the proverbial apple with a bite out of it, playing off both the company name and its mischievous motto, “Be Pure. Be Fruitful.”

The company has installed its fruit-in-the-sky graphics on six of its trucks, which make retail deliveries in the New York metropolitan area.

The goal behind the whimsical redesign and re-marking was to reinforce the company's image as an alternative to national soft drink brands, and to tempt unsuspecting motorists to indulge in some forbidden, but good-for-you, fruit.

Subway Sandwiches & Salads


DESIGNER: In-house, Jim Rilgio and Jeff Carrier

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Signature Graphics, Porter, IN

MARKING MATERIALS: Various, non-reflective

The Subway chain likes to tout not only the fresh sandwiches and salads its many franchised outlets sell, but its corporate goal of becoming the largest fast-food franchise in every market. That's a lot of foot-longs, but if any chain has the hunger to succeed, it's Subway. Founded in 1965 in Bridgeport, CT, as a 17-yr.-old's recipe to fund college tuition, it has mushroomed to more than 20,000 locations in 71 countries, making it the second largest fast-food franchise in the world.

As part of its growth strategy, the company plans to open no fewer than 1,000 additional locations in North America each year through 2005. Getting all those shops open will take advertising — including making use of 20 of its various distributors' trailers as rolling billboards, or in this case, sandwich boards.

Helping steer customers to the nearest Subway shop are these mouth-watering and eye-pleasing graphics, depicting a range of popular Subway menu items on both sides and the rear doors of each trailer committed to the program. According to Subway, the trailers are kept clean and bright with a weekly wash and the graphics are expected to last 7 to 10 years.


Cumberland Farms Inc.


DESIGNER: Omega Advertising, Newton, MA

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Epic Media Group, El Segundo, CA

MARKING MATERIALS: Flexible vinyl and the KWIK ZIP System

Jack In The Box, Inc.


DESIGNER: Jack In The Box Creative Services, San Diego, CA

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Epic Media Group, El Segundo, CA

MARKING MATERIALS: Flexible vinyl and the KWIK ZIP System

Sullivan Tires Co.


DESIGNER: Epic Media Group, El Segundo, CA

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Epic Media Group, El Segundo, CA

MARKING MATERIALS: Flexible vinyl and the KWIK ZIP System

Toys R Us


DESIGNER: Toys R Us, Wayne, NJ

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Epic Media Group, El Segundo, CA

MARKING MATERIALS: Flexible vinyl and the KWIK ZIP System