With the hope of “transforming the sales force from tire salespeople into business consultants,” Goodyear is running a Commercial Tire Academy Boot Camp in Dallas to give tire sales representatives intense training on tire issues and how they affect a customer’s tire program.

"A fleet's tire supplier and the fleet manager's approach to tire management can significantly impact the bottom line,” said Steve McClellan, Goodyear's vp-commercial tire systems. “Tires are more than just tires; they're a system in a fleet's operating cost."

Sales reps receive hands-on training, beginning with how to “read” a tire to detect underlying tire issues such as under-inflation and irregular wear.This information can then be used to determine causes, such as maintenance or driver issues, alignment factors or incorrect tractor configuration. Identifying and correcting these kinds of tire issues can help fleets achieve a lower cost-per-mile.

"Every tire tells a story," said Roy Sutfin, Goodyear's general manager for service. "A sales representative needs to be a problem solver for the customer."