Wright Express, provider of business payment processing and information management solutions, and GPS Insight have joined forces to provide fuel card usage reporting and fraud prevention.

Users will be able to generate reports on all fuel card transactions and flag inappropriate activity. The fuel card integration also allows for the calculation of mpg data and anomalies, as well as the identification of non-fuel purchases and IFTA state mileage/fuel purchase reporting.

“The benefits of combining fuel purchase data with GPS tracking data are enormous,” said Rob Donat, founder & CEO of GPS Insight. “We wanted to share these capabilities with our customers at this time due to the significant increases in fuel price, and Wright Express was the right partner for us as well as most of our customer base. We look forward to advancing our suite of tools with Wright Express over the next few months.”

The reports are all available within the GPS Insight reporting suite. More joint developments are planned, the companies said.