The expansion of new construction programs for roads, bridges, schools and buildings in the “American Jobs Act” outlined by President Barack Obama Thursday will require the efficient power provided by American-made clean diesel engines and equipment, according to Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

Schaeffer stressed that America’s diesel manufacturers “are ready and able to meet the challenge to rebuild our nation. Diesel engines and equipment have been the technology of choice for building and expanding America’s infrastructure for decades and we have state-of-the-art equipment available right now to accomplish this ambitious national proposal.”

A new independent study that examines the national impact of the clean diesel industry on the U.S. economy, employment and trade markets is nearing completion, Schaeffer said. “We expect this report to highlight in very quantitative terms the significance of diesel power to our nation, and the high-value jobs that this industry is creating.”

The report is expected to be released in late September.

“Today, 94% of all global trade is powered by diesel engines. The entire global trade network relies on diesel trucks, ships, railroads and vehicles to survive and grow. In the United States, over 95% of commercial trucks are diesel powered. Virtually everything sold in America gets to market by diesel trucks,” Shaeffer said. “From earthmoving to e-commerce, clean diesel power enables the efficient movement of goods and people and the building or our homes, school and infrastructure.

“And more than two-thirds of all construction, mining and farm equipment are diesel powered,” he added. “The new generation of Tier 4 clean diesel technology for off-road engines and equipment has been making its way onto the construction and industrial jobsites and farm fields around the country. The equipment used in farming, mining and construction is uniquely qualified to do demanding work. No other power source shares diesel’s reliability, durability and fuel-efficiency for these off-road applications.”

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