You may be confused in a traffic stop while traveling through Florida. Motorists, especially truckers, just might get pulled over by a state Dept. of Transportation vehicle.

Recently 267 FDOT workers were merged into the state Highway Patrol and last week 18 of them took to Southwest Florida’s streets as state troopers. However, they are still driving their FDOT vehicles, according to WZVN Florida.

The new troopers will focus on commercial vehicle inspections, but will also pull over drivers for traffic stops and criminal violations and take part in holiday stings.

“We all have the same job description — keep the highway safe, arrest those who break the laws and make sure you get from point A to point B safe and sound,” said Sgt. Dwayne Cooper of the Florida Highway Patrol. The merger of workers is expected to save the state more than $1 million annually.

In additional moves to save dough, the officers won’t immediately receive state trooper uniforms or vehicles.

“You’re going to see DOT vehicles with FHP stickers, FHP license plates and the officers will be in their regular DOT uniforms, but they’ll wear our badge and patches,” said Cooper.

Florida DOT vehicles are blue and white; Florida Highway Patrol cars are black and tan. As the DOT vehicles age, they will be replaced with state trooper vehicles.