FleetCor Technologies, Inc. has expanded acceptance of its Fuelman and FleetWide fleet cards to now include to all 8,500 Chevron and Texaco locations in the U.S. “Through our brand wide acceptance program at Chevron and Texaco stations, the Fuelman and FleetWide fleet fuel cards will offer even greater value for customers by making it more convenient for drivers to find acceptance sites,” said Bill Schmit, president of FleetCor.

“This broadens the opportunity for businesses to manage their fleet fueling expenses and provides added options for drivers on the road,” he added.

“By extending the brand-wide acceptance program, we anticipate that more fleet customers will be filling up with Chevron and Texaco gasoline additized with Techron, which helps protect and maintain an engine’s performance” noted Rod Tos, manager of card operations for Chevron.