A 10% toll increase on the Ohio Turnpike is now in effect. The change took place on Jan. 1.

The cost to truckers who traverse the entire 241-mi. stretch of highway running between Indiana and Pennsylvania is now $83. Truckers who use the state’s EZ Pass get a discount. The charge to use the Turnpike with the pass is $72.

Trucker Claude LeVesque told Fox News that some truckers will probably opt to use other highways to avoid the toll increase, but warned that other alternatives should be considered carefully.

“You’ve got to weigh it,” LeVesque said. “Are you saving as much going that way? Because you’re burning more fuel than you would if you stayed on the Turnpike. You have to decide. Do you want to pay the toll and get there quicker? Or not pay the toll and add more time to the trip?”

The 10% increase is expected to bring in $249 million in revenue in 2012 and the money will be used for Turnpike upkeep.