Rotary Lift Consolidated has made available a free white paper, Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lifts: A Resource Guide, designed to help fleets, truck dealers, and independent maintenance facilities improve shop productivity through the use of vehicle lifts.

The 30-page, illustrated white paper is aimed at fleet maintenance managers unsure of how to choose the right lift for their applications, as vehicle lifts are still relatively new to North America’s commercial trucking industry, the company said. It includes information on the benefits of vehicle lifts, guidelines on keeping vehicle lifts working properly, lift purchasing considerations and other tips.

According to the company, the addition of vehicle lifts can add up to $100,000 to a fleet’s bottom line, providing convenient and comfortable access to every serviceable part of a truck, improving technician productivity and efficiency.

“Using vehicle lifts instead of relying on floor jacks, jack stands, creepers and pits for most truck maintenance and repair tasks offers improvements in productivity, profitability, ROI, ergonomics, worker’s compensation costs and technician recruitment and retention,” said Roger Perlstein, Rotary Lift national sales manager, Commercial Truck and Transit Division. “One of the last remaining shop upgrades that can significantly increase technician productivity and efficiency is the addition of vehicle lifts.”