Chattanooga, TN-based refuse equipment maker Heil Environmental is offering a free 24-page white paper for refuse operations reviewing the use of "automated collection" systems on trash trucks.

The paper covers nine major areas, including: the benefits and disadvantages of automated collection systems; how to evaluate automation for particular operations; how to choose the right automated equipment, and how to pay for it.

"This paper is designed to serve as a single document that can help any community or hauling company begin to determine how automation would work for its individual circumstances," said David Baratti, Heil's director of marketing. "It's a starting point for exploring all the aspects of automation, from how to decide whether to go automated to how to educate homeowners about where to place their carts on collection day."

To get a free copy of the white paper, contact a local Heil distributor or sales representative, a list of which can be found at