Cube Route has announced that Empire Distributors, a wholesale alcoholic beverage distributor, saw a return on investment from its delivery visibility solution in just six months.

Cube Route’s subscription-based logistics management solution uses GPS-enabled mobile phones to track drivers. The information calculates the location, speed and direction on maps as well as order status on a secure website that can be accessed by people throughout the customer company.

For Empire, this solution was used as a tool to improve route efficiency, reduce driver overtime and improve profitability for every route.

It also enables profitability to be broken down by route, driver and customer, Cube Route said. It also aids in comparing company profitability benchmarks with actual performance.

One advantage of the Cube Route solution is that it is subscription based, which enabled a quick implementation, the company said. In Empire’s case, it was running after two weeks.

“Now we can effectively manage our business and use a wealth of real-time and historical information to set delivery benchmarks, ensure our drivers are accountable for their routes, and measure productivity against a plan,” said Dyrc McLeod, Empire director of operations.

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