Plantation, FL-based DHL Express has signed a deal with Canadian firm ViaSafe for use of its ViaTrade services – enabling the package carrier to clear international packages more efficiently; reduce transit times and improve service; and reduce associated costs.

ViaTrade is an e-business service designed to increase border security and improve cross-border trade flow between the U.S. and Canada, said Oryst Dydynsky, president of ViaSafe’s international trade services. According to Dydynsky, this is achieved by improving data exchanges between carriers and customs brokers/importers.

“It’s designed to connect carriers, brokers and government agencies with continuously updated directories that automatically send the right documents to the right participants in a timely fashion,” Dydynsky said.

“We expect ViaTrade will improve efficiencies and reduce the costs associated with facilitating the clearance process,” said John Ferreira, DHL Canada’s senior vp—operations.