FCC Equipment Financing has compiled a report titled “North American On-Highway Market Issues: Current Status and Future Outlook,” which provides overviews of the North American truck market, including viewpoints on the current status of the industry and future forecasts along with customer insights.

FCC Equipment Financing is a subsidiary of Caterpillar Financial Services Corp. The report is broken into heavy-duty and mid-range sections, and includes an on-highway finance market overview. Numerous industry resources were consulted in the development of the report, FCC noted, as well as fleet customers through a survey sent to them. The survey was designed to track industry trends and growth factors, along with how they impact the acquisition of Class 6-8 vehicles.

Highlights of the survey show that over 95% of fleet respondents said business will be as good or better in 2006 than 2005. More than 50% said the volume of freight they planned to haul increased in 2005 over 2004; 75% said they expected truck pricing to increase in 2006. In addition, fleets indicated that the most important cost factors impacting their businesses were fuel costs (64%) and driver costs (23%), with 82% of them stating they are implementing fuel surcharges to offset the rising cost of diesel fuel.

Organized in 1996, Delaware-based FCC Equipment Financing provides financing and leasing capital in a wide variety of industries. It serves primarily mid-sized and large private fleets and common carriers that rely on medium or heavy-duty trucks.

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