In a strategic move that creates compatible on-board scales for fleets with air and mechanical suspension tractors, trucks and trailers, Air-Weigh and Stress-Tek have integrated proprietary hardware and software that permits the Stress-Tek Vulcan line of load cells and transducers to communicate with Air-Weigh equipped trucks and tractors.

Vehicles with mechanical suspensions use strain gauge based load cells or transducers to measure changes in weight. Air suspension-based weighing systems, such as Air-Weigh's, convert the changes in loaded and unloaded air pressure to calibrated weight data.

The initial product from the companies is a steer axle transducer option for the Air-Weigh Truck Scale line that directly senses changes in steer axle weights for those applications that cannot take advantage of Air-Weigh's predictive method of measuring weight on the steer axle. These applications include any weight-sensitive straight truck with leaf spring steer axle and air suspension drive axles, such as used in the expedited freight segment, and tractors that carry payload over the steer axle, such as car carriers and some moving vehicles.

Additionally, Vulcan will market an integrated, private label trailer scale for mixed fleet applications that have both air and mechanical trailer suspensions that must communicate with Air-Weigh equipped trucks and tractors. These include container chassis, heavy haul, bulk, and some TL van operations.