Engine oil and lubrication producer Pennzoil has announced its 75W-90 and 80W-140 gear oils have received approval for 500,000-mile extended drain intervals when used in ArvinMeritor’s heavy-duty, over-the-road truck axles equipped with pump and filter systems.

With this approval, fleets and independent truck operators may now use the Pennzoil lubricants for both service-fill and factory-fill at the same change interval specified for approved synthetic fluids and still qualify for the ArvinMeritor 750,000-mile extended warranty coverage, said Pennzoil.

The approval also brings with it a new ArvinMeritor specification – O76-Q Extended Drain Hypoid Lubricants – that outlines the features and performance requirements of field-tested, extended-drain axle fluids made from Group II base oils, said Pennzoil.

Pennzoil said its 75W-90 and 80W-140 gear oils are made with a combination of PureBase mineral oil base stocks and advanced additive technology to effectively protect against wear and resist degradation when subjected to heat and stress. The oil formulation also helps minimize the formation of deposits or sludge in the presence of water or heat, the company added.