According to theAssociated Press (AP), Attorney General John Ashcroft has warned the acting governor of Massachusetts and the mayor of Boston that terrorist strikes could hit in Boston in the near future. However, he stressed that no specific threats had been made.

Mayor Thomas Menino would not specify what he and Ashcroft discussed in a phone call yesterday morning. Menino said today that public safety officials have been unable to corroborate the threat. Acting Gov. Jane Swift refused to comment on her discussion with Ashcroft.

AP also reported that Boston FBI spokeswoman Gail Marcinkiewicz said the bureau has investigated and discredited the threats—but she could not comment on why Ashcroft had warned officials. “The information upon which these reports are based have been analyzed and evaluated, and the threats do not appear to be credible,'' said Marcinkiewicz.

Authorities have said that tomorrow, Sept. 22, has been determined to be an important date by investigators delving into the terrorist attacks. According to AP, they say intelligence intercepts, witness interviews and evidence gathered in hijackers' cars and homes indicate a second wave of violence was planned.