CHICAGO— Today Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire LLC introduced three new Bridgestone brand truck tires—one for each axle position. The tires were rolled out at the company’s dealer conference here.

According to Bridgestone/Firestone, the new radials—R287 steer, M276 EL drive, and R195F free-rolling trailer—are engineered to offer long-haul and long-regional-haul fleets greater original tire life and lower cost per mile.

Here are key details on each:

  • M276 EL is an enhancement of the M276. With a 32/32-in deep tread, this new “extra-life” version features an innovative design to combat irregular wear as well as a tougher compound. The company noted that with one of the deepest drive treads available, it will “deliver remarkably high removal miles.”

  • R287 is all-new and boasts a combination of proven innovations to fight irregular wear. These include the company’s patented Side Groove and Equalizer Rib features and a stiffer tread compound. It is aimed at fleets that typically remove steers because of irregular wear “long before they are worn out.”

  • R195F is designed to resist curbing damage. It uses sidewall protector ribs to reduce scrub damage and enhance retreadability. It also employs the company’s Equalizer Rib and Defense Groove features to promote even wear and long original tread life.

“With these new tires,” noted commercial marketing director Kurt Danielson, “Bridgestone dealers can offer proven truck-tire technology that promotes even wear, dramatically extends original tread life and lowers total life cycle costs.”

For more information, contact any Bridgestone dealer or truckstop or call 800-543-7522 or go to