ATLANTA, GA – At a special summit hosted here by truckload carrier Schneider National and the Georgia Tech’s Logistics Institute, carriers and shippers were urged to collectively find ways to deal with the impact of new hours of service (HOS) rules that go into effect Jan. 4 next year.

“John F. Kennedy had a favorite saying: ‘The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.’ That’s what we need to be doing now in terms of HOS,” said Schneider CEO Chris Lofgren.

“The reality is that there is a storm on the horizon for our industry and that storm is the new HOS rules,” he added. “The North American supply chain is about to undergo the most significant change in a generation because of these new rules – rules that haven’t seen major change since they were formed in 1939. That’s why it’s critical for both carriers and shippers to understand the implications of HOS reform.”

Professor Chelsea ‘Chip’ White, director of Georgia Tech’s trucking industry program, noted that the time for debating the new HOS rules is now past and that the focus going forward in the transportation community must be on how to form strategies to manage the implementation of the rules.

“We need to get a dialog going between shippers and carriers because both will be affected by the new rules,” he said. “Only by working together can the rules be successfully implemented.”