Caterpillar will be a step closer to reaching the stringent ’02 federal emissions standards when it introduces Clean Power – engines it says offer lower NOx emissions than current EPA regulations without sacrificing performance, fuel economy, driveability or serviceability.

“Our Clean Power engines incorporate the latest in fuel injection, combustion, electronics and air systems technology to deliver emissions that are far below the current standards,” said David Semlow, Caterpillar Truck Engine Division’s marketing manager.

In addition, Semlow said they’ll operate on today’s fuel blends, as well as the ultra-clean fuels available in some parts of the U.S., while providing the same durability, reliability and fuel economy.

“No special fuels are needed, and there are no special order hassles or chassis issues to contend with,” Semlow said. “It’s the same Cat performance and economy, but in a lower emissions package.” Cat says the Clean Power 3126E delivers up to 12% less NOx. This month, Cat will introduce heavy-duty versions of its Clean Power engines, including the C-10, C-12, C-15 and C-16, all of which will offer up to 8% less NOx than previous engines.

A full range of ratings will be available, from 175 hp to 330 hp for mid-range, and 355 hp to 600 hp for heavy-duty trucks – all certified for both EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements, said Semlow. Three mid-range ratings, 207 hp, 216 hp and 230 hp, are also certified to meet the stricter Low Emissions Vehicle standards required for participation in the Clean Fuel Fleet Vehicle program being implemented in designated non-attainment areas throughout the U.S., he added.

Caterpillar added that ACERT will make its products comply with tougher EPA emission rules set to be implemented in 2004 and beyond. ACERT engines will not use Exhaust Gas Recirculation technology that several manufactures plan to use, but use instead the Cat HEUI fuel system along with the latest in electronics and aftertreatment solutions.