Delphi announced an agreement to make Pana-Pacific a new distributor for audio products for the heavy-duty truck market.

Delphi Delco Electronics Systems will market premium receivers, satellite radios, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and the Truck Productivity Computer (Truck PC) through the extensive Pana-Pacific distribution and service network.

"We are excited to have our products represented through the distribution channels serviced by Pana-Pacific," said Beth Schwarting, general director of sales and marketing for Delphi Delco Electronics Systems.

Schwarting said the agreement helps Delphi gain access to more distribution channels while continuing to develop and manufacture new products. She said it also gives Pana-Pacific the opportunity to offer our innovative line of Delphi audio to the commercial vehicle segment.

Delphi will supply Pana-Pacific outlets with its Truck PC that integrates multiple hardware functions such as radio, trip computer and vehicle monitoring in a single unit. The Truck PC also hosts third-party communications and asset management software applications for user productivity. The Truck PC is offered in configurations serving delivery, long-haul and homeland security applications.